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April 25 2015

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brb going to throw myself off a very very tall building now

“All gay people in America owe trans women of color a debt of gratitude for their courage at Stonewall” -B. Jenner

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I AM PROUD OF YOU, BRUCE! I have so much respect for your BRAVERY. Thank you for sharing your story and journey. This will make such an impact!

Wishing you nothing but happiness in your future.




Jenner said that he/him pronouns are okay for the context of that one interview and that was the last time Jenner will be using those pronouns or the name “Bruce”

it states that here as well since tumblr dot com always demands proof of such things, so here’s quotes from the actual interview.

“Sawyer says this is the last interview that the star will do as “Bruce,” and after will emerge as the person Jenner calls ‘her.’” 

“For the purposes of the interview, Jenner told Sawyer to use the familiar “he” and “him” pronouns.”

thank you. ive seen a few people ask for  a source already but every time i try to scroll through the notes far enough to get to one, my browser crashes. the post is getting too big too fast

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shoutout to all my transgender followers you are all beautiful and exceptionally wonderful thank you for being you

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a compilation.,

April 24 2015

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Make sure that Steven Universe is safe for children. Make sure that children can find art of their favorite characters. Make sure that Steven Universe remains a show for children. 

Make sure that little kids and especially little girls have the chance to fall in love with magical gemstone warriors and play crystal gems with their friends. Make sure that adult Steven Universe fans uplift and respect young Steven Universe fans. Don’t let Steven Universe become unsafe for children.


fun depression things nobody ever talks about:

your perception of time gets all fucked up. did you shower today morning or was that yesterday? how did you feel last week? have you been depressed for a year or two years?

nobody fucking knows. time is a mystery

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transparent amethyst ooooo

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“Who is Garne-”


people whose first instinct is to smile when they make eye contact with you are some of earth’s treasures and need to be protected

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I can’t listen to game grumps anymore without wanting to draw dan help me

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“Rather than waste precious PP I’ll just kill this man by throwing a Kyogre on him.”

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Very important message from Garnet 

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